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Ashish H Thakkar

Ashish H Thakkar

Tennis Instructor

Ashish H Thakkar is a tennis coach from Mumbai, India. He has played state level tennis as a professional and is now providing tennis training to kids and beginners who want to learn the beautiful game of tennis.

As a private tennis coach my main aim is to teach beginners (adults or kids), the basics of tennis which include:

  • Hitting Forehand
  • Hitting Backhand shots
  • How to serve
  • How to volley
  • Play points and win a rally

Finding tennis coaching in Mumbai can be a tough job if you are looking for personal attention. If you join a group program or a tennis camp then you do not get undivided attention. Most of the time you are just waiting for your time with the tennis trainer and once that turn comes you have already finished your hour. You will not only get personal attention under my coaching but I will make sure you understand and pick the game up fast and easy. I can also help you go from beginner to intermediate level after you beginner level training is over.


In how many days can a beginner learn the game?
You can learn the game in 6 weeks if you are being trained 2 times a week. This level is tennis for beginners.
How much do you charge?

Private tennis lessons differ from tennis classes for a group. Please refer to the fees page for the cost.

How is it different from a tennis academy?
You get a tennis instructor teaching you 1 to 1. In a tennis academy you learn tennis in a group of 6-15 kids.
I have never ever played tennis. Is it ok?
We can start with ball sense and hand eye coordination.
How do I pay for my lessons?
Payment can be made by cash/check/bank. Payment is made on a weekly basis.
My Kid is 4 years old. Can I enroll him?
Yes, that is the minimum age.
What about duration? How long are lessons?
60 to 90 minutes per session.
What is required to start the training? Do I need to arrange for anything?
Make sure you have the right tennis shoes. If you cannot arrange for court and racket then there is additional cost for the same. Please refer to the fees page.


  1. Tennis classes for kids (Not more than 4 children)
  2. Tennis coaching in a group (Not more than 4 people)
  3. Personal Tennis Trainer (1 on 1)

Beginner level tennis – Learn tennis in 4-8 weekends.

Fees: 350 per hour personal trainer or 250 per hour per person in a group.
Add 300 RS if tennis court is to be arranged.
Add 75 RS if tennis racket is to be arranged.

Timings: 1 to 1.5 hours in a day.

The Tennis Lessons Covers:

Learn tennis in Mumbai

(Weekend 1)

  • Game rules, Warm up and stretching
  • The grip, Ball sense, Hand eye coordination
  • Court Coverage
  • Forehand

(Weekend 2)

  • Backhand
  • How to Serve

(Weekend 3)

  • Recap
  • Returning Serve
  • Hitting forehand, backhand shots

(Weekend 4)

  • Learning Volley basics
  • Final chapter: Rally and playing points



350 RS per hour.
425 RS per hour if you do not have a tennis racket.


1 person: 350 RS
2 to 3 people: 300 RS
4 people: 250 RS

Note: You will have to arrange for the tennis court otherwise court fee is extra.


Email: contact@tenniscoach.in
Tel: +91-8652453923

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